What to Expect

Initial contact: When you contact us, we will take the time to discuss your property and the circumstances surrounding it, so that we can better assist you in the process. We will schedule a time to meet with you and to view the property you would like to sell.

Viewing of the property to be sold: We will walk through your property taking detailed notes so that we can do an accurate assessment of the value of it. At this point, we will also be taking general notes on what can be done to get you the best possible price and terms for the property and how to best market it.

In-depth market analysis: In most cases, we will not provide you with a value of what we think it will sell for at our initial viewing – as it is nearly impossible to do an assessment on a home without seeing the interior first.   Once we have done our initial viewing we will take the time to do a Comparable Market Analysis of the property… Our market analysis is made up of two parts (1) most comparable properties that have recently sold, and, (2) current active competition in the marketplace.

Presentation of market analysis and services: We will arrange a second meeting to discuss our analysis with you. We will discuss current market conditions, our recommended price, our strategy to get it sold, and why we think you should choose us to sell it for you. There is no cost to this analysis and meeting – all we ask in return for our time and expertise spent in preparing for this- is that you consider us for the job of representing you in your sale.   A win-win; you get professional advice and information; we get the opportunity to earn your business.

Listing your property: Once a client has hired us to sell their property, there are many actions and activities completed throughout the process – here is an overview of the milestones we expect to pass during the listing and selling process…

Milestones of the listing and selling process:

1 – Signing of contracts: We will go through all of the contracts in detail with you, give you time to read and review them, and make sure you understand the details of the listing paperwork

2 – Establish launch and preparation timelines:   Together we will come up with a plan for when the listing will go live, when showings will begin, when all the preparation work will be completed, when the photo-shoot will take place, and so on…

3 – Listing preparation plan: After discussing what amount of preparation work you are prepared to take on, in getting your property ready for market, we will prepare a detailed checklist, so you don’t have to guess at what needs to be done

4 – Help you in preparing your home for sale: Every situation is different, we have helped people plan for a sale one year in advance to helping get a property listed within 24 hours. We have a large resource centre of contractors, suppliers, home stagers, and consultants to help you get ready to sell.

5 – Home Staging & Professional Photographs: The presentation of a home is crucial in a successful sale. We ensure your home is showing to its maximum potential with high quality photographs for marketing materials to entice buyers to visit your property.   We provide professional advice, home staging services, and professional quality photography. You can see examples of this in our current listings or properties we’ve sold.

6 – Set showing details and instructions: We will discuss which appointment booking and confirmation system works best for you, giving you many options on how we can handle this, including a lock box, alarm details, showing dates and daily times, and any other specific instructions you require. We can communicate via email, telephone, text message, or whatever is most convenient to you. Preferably not carrier pidgeon!

7 – Showings begin: When we launch a listing plan there will be a set date that showings begin, and our office will start taking bookings for appointments on your property. At this point it will be exposed to over 3000 real estate agents belonging to the Ottawa real estate board, and accessible by anyone via the MLS system, and all of our websites.

8 – Qualify leads: We expect that professional real estate agents belonging to the Ottawa Real Estate Board will be bringing only qualified buyers into your home, but when we receive an inquiry from a buyer without an agent it is our job to qualify them prior to showing them your home. We don’t want to waste your time preparing your property for a showing to an unqualified buyer.

9 – Feedback and client communications: When someone views your property, we want to know what they thought, and we share this information with you. It is important for us to know what people think about your home and how it compares to the competition. The market is what decides what your property is worth, and with feedback, it will tell us if we are on the right track to getting it sold.

10 – Ongoing market evaluation: The Ottawa Real Estate market is a moving target, constantly changing and evolving – it is our job to stay current on changes in the market, and communicate this to you throughout the process so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to pricing and negotiating offers.

11 – Provide information to interested buyers: We gather as much information from you as we can at the start of the listing, but sometimes questions arise that we don’t have answers to; if you don’t know the answer, we do as much legwork as we can with the city, public resources, and governing bodies to help and get timely answers back to buyers.

12- Receive an offer: Once we receive an offer we will communicate this to you, and set up an appointment to present the offer to you. At this point, it is our job to give you professional advice and ensure that the contract is legally binding and structured to protect your best interests.

13 – Negotiations: We will use our skill and experience to negotiate the best possible price and terms of a contract for you, and do so in a timely manner. We treat our colleagues with respect, and during negotiations a respectful professional relationship with the people you are working with goes a long way in our industry.

14 – Conditional period: Once we have negotiated a deal on your property, there will most likely be a conditional period of time in which the buyer will do an inspection on the home, verify legal documents (such as a status certificate) if applicable, and ensure they can get the financing they need to close on your home.

15 – Finalizing the deal: We follow up to make sure timelines for the conditional period are met, and we get all of the paperwork to finalize the sale. Sometimes at this point in the process, we can run into problems, and with our experience and knowledge, we know how to quickly act in order to resolve any issues in a timely manner. Once we have these conditions fulfilled, and the paperwork in hand – the sold sign goes up! Woo Hoo!!!

16 – Pre-Closing: During the pre-closing period, after all of the conditions have been met, the buyer may re-visit the property for the purposes of meeting contractors, measurements etc., this will be indicated in the agreement of purchase and sale contract on your property. Many buyers will request a “final walk through”, which is a visit to the home a day or two prior to closing to make sure that it is in the same condition they bought it in. This has become a very common practice in the Ottawa Real Estate Market.

17 – Closing: After the conditions to the agreement have all been met, all of the paperwork will get sent off to your lawyer who will then complete the transaction on the closing date, they will likely require you to come in to pre-sign documentation early on closing day, or sometimes even a day or two in advance.

18 – After the sale: After closing our job of selling your property is done, but our job as your trusted real estate advisor lives on. We will always be available to answer questions, give advice, keep you updated on the Ottawa real estate market, and share our resources (such as good reliable contractors) with you. One of my favourite things is receiving calls from past clients unexpectedly, asking for advice, market information or for a good referral for a contractor.