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What to Expect when moving to Ottawa

Moving to Ottawa – what to expect:

Pre-trip teleconference for moving to Ottawa

  • We will schedule a meeting via telephone/internet to discuss your House Hunting Trip, and your move to Ottawa. We can conference in your family members, or have you together on speaker or video chat (such as Skype or Google hangouts)
  • We will discuss your home search criteria in detail and any other specific requirements that you have
  • Explain any differences in the real estate process in Ontario vs. other provinces or countries
  • Answer any questions you have about the city, or the Ottawa real estate market
  • Block off your house hunting trip dates to better serve you
  • Put you in touch with any local contacts for your move to help you get started, such as lenders/lawyer
  • Offer any opinions on Hotels and locations to stay while on your trip to Ottawa
  • Following our teleconference, the choice will be yours – to sign up with Travis Gordon as your exclusive Buyers Representative or not. (Buying a home doesn’t usually happen overnight – you may end up spending lots of time with your agent, so make sure it is someone you trust and get along with!)

Additional pre-trip service

  • Prior to your arrival, we will send you some example properties in the different areas that interest you, so you can get an idea of what you get in certain areas vs. others
  • Discuss any properties that you have seen of interest, and further discuss your move to Ottawa

Day 1 – Your arrival

  • Once you arrive in Ottawa, we will have an initial meeting usually the day of arrival, or next day (if you arrive late in the day) to go over our itinerary, and property selections

Day 2 – Initial viewings

  • This is the most exploratory phase of the trip
  • Take some time to explore Ottawa neighborhoods, and different parts of the city
  • We schedule a first round of viewings of the properties you found most interesting online, and make sure we have a good sample different types of properties and neighborhoods if you are considering multiple areas in the city

Day 3 – Second day of viewings

  • We will narrow the search area and housing type, and focus on the houses and neighborhoods that you like the most to ensure we’ve looked at all the best options on the market

Day 4 – Second showings and additional visits

  • Once at day 4, we have likely looked at all the best fits for you, and will schedule 2nd visits on your top choices, adding any last properties you wish to see (time permitting)

Day 5 – Negotiations and flex-day

  • If all goes as planned, this day will involve a lot of “behind the scenes” work, so you may have some free time to explore your neighborhood of choice, schools, and do a little exploring. During this time, we hope to be negotiating an offer for you on a property, so we’ll keep our cell phones close by!

Day 6 – Inspection day

  • Once accepted, the offer constitutes a Conditional Agreement
  • During the conditional period, it is our duty to do the following:
    • Ensure that all documentation is sent to the proper contacts and locations; including lawyers, property management companies, lending institutions etc.
    • Assist you in the choice of a certified home inspection and, if needed, recommend several real estate lawyers for your move to Ottawa
    • Arrange inspections, appraisals, and other related appointments to complete the purchase of the property
    • Finally, carefully monitor the process ensuring that specific deadlines are met, and that the offer remains legally binding
  • Although we typically have 1 week to fulfill the conditions, we’ll need to get the building inspection done prior to you leaving the city (the rest can easily be done – long distance)

Day 7 – Clean up day, and trip home

  • By day 7, we are finishing up your trip, clearing up any issues that may have been found in the inspection, and gathering any additional information and paperwork necessary for you to succeed with your house purchase. By this time, we expect to be congratulating you on the purchase of your new home in Ottawa!

After you have returned home from your HHT

We will ensure that all the conditions have been waived or fulfilled and that the proper paperwork has been forwarded to the proper parties, including:

  • Paperwork to Lawyer: We will ensure that your lawyer has all of the necessary documents to complete the transaction for you, so that the process will be as stress free and smooth as possible.
  • The Closing and Moving Day: We will send you a detailed Moving to Ottawa Preparation Checklist along with some information about what to expect on moving day.
  • After the sale: After closing our job of helping you buy a home is done, but we have a “clients for life” system, which means that we will always be available to answer questions, give advice, keep you up to date on the Ottawa real estate market, and share our resources (such as good reliable contractors) with you.