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House hunting trips to Ottawa (HHT’s) are one of the most intense jobs we do in real estate. There is a lot of pressure to help a client find a home in less than 7 days; and with us, the work starts well before you arrive in Ottawa. Our goal is to provide our clients with a great overall experience so that they are very happy with our service and recommend us to family and friends in the future. This long term approach to business relies on buyers, just like you, having successful house hunting trips in Ottawa!

We are a Brookfield approved supplier TPSP, and we serve: DND, RCMP, and Corporate relocations to and from Ottawa.

If you are looking for a top Ottawa RE/MAX agent to help you with your relocation to Ottawa, use this section as your first step in the relocation agent interview process.

Why choose us as your real estate agent for your relocation to Ottawa…

We know Ottawa: We work hard to know the Ottawa area, which neighbourhoods are good, bad, and get you the inside information you need to make your home purchase decision in the short time period allotted during a house hunting trip.

Knowledge and experience: We have helped many members relocate to and from Ottawa; we know the system, and keep up to date on how to use it to best benefit our clients. Our team has over 40 years of combined real estate experience to help guide you through the process of buying a home here in the Ottawa area. We have sold properties from the most entry level condominiums in the market to some of the most unique luxury properties in Ottawa, and helped families on their house hunting trips find properties all over the city. We strive to stay current on the direction the market is heading, what trends are emerging, and what it all means for you. We will use our in-depth knowledge to assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to finding the right property.

A system that works!: Over the years we have figured out how to make the relocation process as fun and enjoyable as possible. It is reassuring to know that the agent you have hired has experience in the relocating process by doing it over, and over again. We have systemized our process which allows us to focus on helping you find the right property without worrying that a detail will be overlooked during the process. Check out our what to expect section for an overview of our relocation process.

Preparation before you arrive: We will take the time to understand what your needs are (given your family dynamics, time-frames, and unique situation). Before you arrive, we will have an itinerary and “game plan” prepared for you so we use your days during the trip effectively!

Professionally Trained: We have spent thousands of hours learning and training above and beyond what is required for a real estate agent in Ottawa. This training pays off when it comes to negotiating and dealing with stressful situations during the purchase process. We are constantly learning, and continually improving for the benefit of us and our clients.

Bilingual: Service bilingue en français ou en anglais!

Use of new real estate technology: Real estate has completely evolved with the changes in technology; now we can setup searches for clients to pinpoint exactly which properties best suit their needs and make the home buying process easier saving countless hours of running around, and wasted resources. Examples of how we use technology include: city zoning information, tax records, digital floor plans, mapping software to determine location of parks, schools, amenities, and even fire hydrants! We can do nearly everything electronically making the process smoother and easier for our clients.

Long term approach: We have a long term approach to business – we are not looking for a quick sale, we are looking for a successful transaction which our clients are happy with our service and will refer us to their friends, colleagues, and family members. The long-term success of our business depends on these referrals, which only come from satisfied clients! See what our clients are saying about us. If you would like a list of references; we would be happy to provide you with names and contact information of past clients.

If you are interested in scheduling a relocation consultation call to see if we’re the right fit to work together, fill out our relocation consultation form to get started!